19 August Liberating Love Devotion

Your weekly love note from God!

Exodus 22:25-27 If you lend money to my people, to the poor among you, you shall not deal with them as a creditor; you shall not exact interest from them. If you take your neighbour’s cloak in pawn, you shall restore it before the sun goes down; for it may be your neighbour’s only clothing to use as cover; in what else shall that person sleep? And if your neighbour cries out to me, I will listen, for I am compassionate.

There are many sayings in your sacred texts that people have debated for millennia. There is, however, one thing I wish my children could understand is always my wish: that you would not exploit each other’s struggles and suffering. Today I ask you to imagine: what might your world look like if you were all able to slow down enough to learn the cause of people’s debts and sufferings and find a way forward that would not result in people ending up back in the hard place where they started?

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