5 August Liberating Love Devotion

Your weekly love note from God!

Nahum 2:8, 10a: Are you better than Thebes

   that sat by the Nile,

with water around her,

   her rampart a sea,

   water her wall? 

Yet she became an exile,

   she went into captivity.

How could I be seduced by power when I am the source of power? And yet for millenia people have preached the false message that if a nation is powerful, it is because I have blessed it. The only thing that is true is that every empire that exploited people and practiced cruelty has collapsed under its own weight. My blessing rains down on communities of compassion and care. Today I ask you to pray for nations that seem great but do evil, that they might find their way back to me, to compassion and care.

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