Episode 16 – Belinda and Project Darreis

Project Darreis, named after a generous young man caught in crossfire in the OPC’s neighborhood, seeks to provide whatever food, clothing, or compassion people in the community need as a way of deterring violence. Prepare to be inspired by the generosity and fierce dedication of director and founder Belinda.

The Ballad of Harry Moore

Preached at First Congregational Church of Oakland, December 14, 2014.I’ve had the story of one of our forebears on my heart recently on this Black Lives Matter Sunday. So while I was supposed to preach “People Get Ready,” my sermon this morning is actually “The Ballad of Harry Moore,” as written by Langston Hughes and set to music by Sweet Honey in the Rock.

It seems I hear Harry Moore; from the earth his voice still cries:
No bomb can kill the dreams I hold, for freedom never dies.
Freedom never dies, I say. Freedom never dies.
No bomb can kill the dreams I hold for freedom never dies.

Some people call Harry Moore the first martyr of the civil rights movement – he was killed by the Ku Klux Klan on Christmas night, 1951.

A teacher himself, Harry Moore fought for fair pay for Black teachers in Florida, and for the right to vote for Black people throughout the 1940s. He investigated lynchings and worked in the most rural parts of the state, where the risk was highest and the gains particularly hard-fought. During his time as a field organizer, Florida had the highest voter registration level of African Americans of any state in the south: 33%, despite it being some of the toughest terrain in which to organize. In fact, Harry Moore’s determination to work at the most hopeless edges of the movement had just earned him a demotion within the movement, and his opposition to an increase in membership dues actually got him fired from his position with the NAACP. But that Christmas was the Moores’ 25th wedding anniversary, and they celebrated that whatever their status in the organization, they continued to be part of the movement. (more…)

Episode 15 – Sandhya and the Oakland Peace Center

The Oakland Peace Center is a collective of 40 organizations working to create access, opportunity and dignity as the means of creating peace. Sandhya (host of HftH) says as director, she has the best job in the world – daily inspiration. Irene Florez guest-hosts this interview!

Episode 13 – Christopher and BAWAR

Bay Area Women Against Rape does exactly what the name suggests. Christopher Watson works in the Sexually Exploited Minors program, creating opportunities for peace among young people involved in sex trafficking, young people who have had very little peace in their lives. Prepare to be inspired by how BAWAR is being peace.