Episode 15 – Sandhya and the Oakland Peace Center

The Oakland Peace Center is a collective of 40 organizations working to create access, opportunity and dignity as the means of creating peace. Sandhya (host of HftH) says as director, she has the best job in the world – daily inspiration. Irene Florez guest-hosts this interview!

Episode 13 – Christopher and BAWAR

Bay Area Women Against Rape does exactly what the name suggests. Christopher Watson works in the Sexually Exploited Minors program, creating opportunities for peace among young people involved in sex trafficking, young people who have had very little peace in their lives. Prepare to be inspired by how BAWAR is being peace.

Episode 12 – Paul and Marin Interfaith Street Chaplaincy

In a community where people think there are no homeless people or that people without homes don’t deserve to live there, Marin Interfaith Street Chaplaincy lets the street community know that they are a contribution to one another and the community. Prepare to be inspired by Paul’s work and stories.

Music by Earth Amplified.

Episode 9 – LaDasha and New Beginnings Sister Circle

New Beginnings Sister Circle provides young women with a grounding in self-valuing and in solidarity as a way of becoming powerful leaders in the community. Prepare to be inspired by how LaDasha and the Sister Circle are being peace.

Music by Earth Amplified and Diamond Berry.