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coverTransforming Communities: How People Like You Are Healing Their Neighborhoods. Chalice Press, 2017.

When there’s so much conflict around the country and around the corner, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, powerless, and helpless. What can one person do to make a difference? 

Here’s the good news. Millions of everyday people–including people like you–are transforming their communities. Take heart and be inspired by real stories of ordinary people who took action and changed their corner of the world, one block at a time. Equal parts inspiration, education, and Do-It-Yourself, Transforming Communities by veteran community activist Sandhya Jha will open your eyes to the world-healing potential within you, and give you the vision, the tools, and the encouragement to start transforming your own neighborhood.

Pre-Post-Racial America: Spiritual Stories from the Front Lines. Chalice Press, 2015.

Those people. Their issues. The day’s news and the ways we treat each other, overtly or subliminally, prove we are not yet living in post-racial America. It’s hard to talk about race in America without everyone very quickly becoming defensive and shutting down. Sandhya Jha addresses the hot topic in a way that is grounded in real people’s stories and that offers solid biblical grounding for thinking about race relations in America, reminding us that God calls us to build Beloved Community.”


roomatthetableRoom at the Table: The struggle for dignity and equality in Disciples history. Chalice Press, 2009.

“Sandhya Jha, an ordained minister and co-moderator of the Anti-Racism Commission of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), discusses the multicultural history that makes up the Disciples of Christ. Through research and interviews with people from various racial backgrounds, Room at the Table engages the reader through the 200 years of multicultural Disciples history.”



aswrAnd Still We Rise: A Six-Part Study on Personal and Congregational Transformation. Chalice Press, 2007, with H. Benjamin Bohren and Paula Bishop Pociecha.

And Still We Rise is a six-week study to help congregations begin to develop a scriptural understanding of transformation. The study moves people through anxieties about change, the need to trust in God’s power, what one has to give up in order to open oneself to God’s transforming plans, and how to become transformers in a congregation and in the community. This congregational Bible study is designed to be flexible to a congregation’s needs—it can be adapted to a group of four or 400, and it can be facilitated by people of any background, pastors and laypersons alike.”



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justwomen“Women of the Bible: Seeking Justice”

This is a self-contained study offering eight structured lessons with an introduction that may serve as a ninth lesson. Leaders instructions are included in the publication. Bible study lesson summary. 2014 marks the first year that the Bible study will be written by Disciples women under the Just Women banner. The writers are:

  • Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, General Minister and President CC (DOC) – introduction;
  • Rev. Dr. Lisa W. Davison, Professor of Hebrew Bible at Phillips Theological Seminary – Ruth & Naomi / Bathsheba;
  • Rev. Dr. Irie Session, pastor/spiritual director for New Friends, New Life – Jephthah’s daughter / Tamar;
  • Rev. Dr. Nohemi Pagan, missionary and writer – Esther & Vashti / Sarah & Hagar;
  • Rev. Sandhya Jha, founder of Oakland Peace Center – Rachel & Leah / Hannah & Elizabeth; and
  • Rev. Kathy McDowell, minister and freelance writer – lesson guide


Renew_52_Cover_Hi_ResRenew 52: 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders under 50Center for Biblical Preaching, David J. Lose, ed., 2012.

Renew 52: 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders under 50 is a free ebook, edited by David J. Lose in 2012, that features short essays from 54 Christian leaders in 15 different traditions. The authors are guided by the conviction that congregations are the primary place where the Spirit is at work for the renewal of the church. Pick one or read them all—and revitalize your congregation.”

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