Why I’m eager to get healthy but not eager to get thin

I’m on a juice fast for Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter in the Christian calendar). I’m on day three and it’s going pretty great. It’s been about a year since I did the first one, and this time has been much easier, if only because I’m less furtive and embarrassed about it.

I’m surrounded by people who are doing really exceptional work around staying healthy and reclaiming their bodies, and some of them have lost fifty pounds or more in the past year—-through rigorous commitment to healthy eating and exercise, mostly, although one through months of juicing (like the movie Fat, Sick and Out of Control). I’m really inspired by their dedication, and the results show.

A friend of mine very kindly took me out for juice last night, and we had conversation about food and relationship to food and addiction to food. (Most of our conversation was about saving the world, but we did talk food.) And I found myself thinking something about the path I’ve been on for the last year.

I’m about twenty pounds lighter than I was a year ago (I lost 25 and then gained five). I wouldn’t mind being another twenty pounds lighter at the end of this year. But there are two shifts going on in me that I feel markedly better about.

(1) My relationship to food is a little less about medicating and a little more about both nourishing my body and nourishing my relationships. (more…)