On solidarity and not burning out and doing movement work well

I’m going to make a confession: I’m not awesome at yoga or meditation. I don’t care much for silence in general. I tried being a Quaker for a month in college because on paper it was the perfect match, but after about ten minutes of silence, I would find myself thinking of spiritual conversation starters. I would have been better off with pacifist socialist Pentecostals.

In the Bay Area, this is a character flaw, particularly in my very socially conscious and down for the cause while up with our self-care crowd I aspire to be a part of. And I know that when I force myself to meditate, I’m the better for it (the East Bay Meditation people of color sit is particularly awesome, although I always feel like the people who don’t know me shoot me a little shade for presumably being one of those entitled White people who sometimes show up because they think it’s wrong that people of color practice exclusion like that one day a week). My mind settles and I slow down and I breathe more deeply and I may even connect with the divine in a more profound way.

But for me, meditation is like kale: I consume it because it’s good for me, not because I’m jonesing for it. I would rather have Taco Bell or the spiritual equivalent of Taco Bell: reruns of Sex and the City. Sometimes I manage to make the right choice instead, but not always. (more…)