Book Launch videos all month! Today: Rev. Israel Alvaran

Rev. Izzy is an AMAZING pastor and preacher and organizer, and he took time to record today’s devotion to help promote a word of encouragement in the form of Liberating Love Devotional, available this month from Chalice Press! Enjoy today’s devotion, consider buying a copy, and come to the book launch on September 1

Liberating Love Video Devotion 8/2

To celebrate the launch of the Liberating Love Devotional this month, every day features a reading of that day’s devotion by an amazing spiritual leader. Today, the Rev. Tuhina Rasche, a powerful ELCA pastor who currently serves as Minister of Small Groups for University AME Zion Church in Palo Alto, CA.

Also, consider coming to celebrate the book launch at our Spiritual Spa book launch party on September 1, 5pm pacific/7pm central/8pm eastern! RSVP today. <3

August 1 Video Devotion, Natalie Chamberlain!

In order to celebrate the fact that Liberating Love Devotional drops officially on August 4 (buy a copy here and support a great publisher), every day of August gifted religious leaders are sharing videos of them reading each day’s devotion. Today is the gifted pastor of Hilton Christian Church in Virginia, who has cheered on this project since Day One!

Sermon on how to make life easier for folks on the margins

It was a real gift to preach in Redding, CA in July. What a great community, with a history of LGBTQ+ inclusion. After preaching this sermon, I was told by a couple in the church that they were ready for my sermon because they had watched the Netflix stand up special Nanette by Hannah Gadsby the night before. “She talked about the same thing as you: self-effacing comedy when done by oppressed people is not humility; it’s humiliation.” What a cool connection to have made. Go watch Nanette. Seriously.

Sermon at St. Andrew Christian Church, Olathe, KS

I love the fact that everyone I bumped into in Kansas City had stories to share, since I believe deeply in the power of our stories. Also, Olathe was an intense place for me as a South Asian to go, since it was the sight of a tragic and violent hate crime against a South Asian man not too long before my visit. What a beautiful congregation, what a wonderful welcome.

Sermon at Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church on the very first church in Acts

I remember studying this passage with evangelical friends in college who said how much they loved it; it sounds like communism BUT NOT COMMUNISM BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT JESUS. They worshipped a profoundly capitalist Jesus and this passage was a real struggle for them. It was a gift to share some reflections on what this passage means in a time of growing economic disparity today.