Aizwal, Mizoram…tribal theologies and gratitude for the gospel

There’s a South Asian theologian named Thomas Thangaraj who taught at Emory and Candler for a number of years before retiring back to Tamil Nadu (southernmost state in India) a few years ago. I met him in 2001, and he told a story to a group of us about white-guilt-interfaith work versus interfaith work thatContinue reading “Aizwal, Mizoram…tribal theologies and gratitude for the gospel”

this is the seminary Union in New York wishes it could be

…and U of C and PSR don’t even try. 🙂   I just visited Tamilnadu Theological Seminary in Madurai.   Bachelor of Divinity students spend their first year on campus studying, their second year in a village where the faculty go and teach them periodically under a banyan tree, their third year in a slumContinue reading “this is the seminary Union in New York wishes it could be”

Practice and theory collide during a traffic jam

I visited my uncle in Malda last week, and he tends to fit the stereotype of the wise India elder. During our first conversation (I tend to think of them more as lessons, but…) he said, “Man evolved from monkeys, yes? Every day I pray that God will make man back into a monkey.” TheContinue reading “Practice and theory collide during a traffic jam”

Belated Subho Viswaskorma puja!

I am fairly certain I misspelled that particular god, but you know how certain themes keep appearing? I was very excited to have come to Kolkata coincidentally just in time for Durga Puja (Durga is the goddess of good over evil). I came in September 2006 with my parents specifically because neither my mother norContinue reading “Belated Subho Viswaskorma puja!”

flashback–art in Madrid–la quinta del sordo

The art in Madrid sticks out as the most remarkable part of my trip. I’ve seen a number of Spanish artists out of context, but seeing them together, in the context of the land that shaped them, the art made sense in a new way.   In particular, I knew virtually nothing about Goya’s blackContinue reading “flashback–art in Madrid–la quinta del sordo”

the best ever tour of Madrid

Last night I became a member of the Wellington Society. I know, sounds alarming, right? Well, my Time Out guide suggested a couple of slightly offbeat tour options, and described the Wellington Society in these terms: If you miss your mad British uncle and want a surrogate who really knows his history, join the WellingtonContinue reading “the best ever tour of Madrid”