Burning Man and the failure of feminism?

“I feel like feminism is dead,” I said despondently to my campsite mates at Burning Man 2011. (For an uplifting Burning Man 2011 representation, click here, btw.) “Why?” “I’m walking around  and looking at these young girls dressed up in costumes that are all about marketing their sexuality.” “You’re right,” said one of my friends,Continue reading “Burning Man and the failure of feminism?”

How do we talk across the divide?

Two things happened today that have me asking the question: how do we foster up healthy conversation about issues on which we differ greatly? The first thing was a fairly frivolous issue. I’m at the PANAAWTM conference right now (Pacific and Asian North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry) and a fun and spryContinue reading “How do we talk across the divide?”

Boxed in: does gender identity take away our chance at full humanity?

[for accompanying music, listening to this in the background! And, yes, it does make me laugh to have suggested it.]                                       Some of my friends were joking with me about dressing in drag. “I’m not sure I’dContinue reading “Boxed in: does gender identity take away our chance at full humanity?”