Pre-Post-Racial America: Spiritual Stories from the Front Lines

From Ferguson to New York to Oklahoma State University, today’s headlines prove we are not yet living in post-racial America. What makes talking race even harder is that so few of us actually know each other in the fullness of our stories. A recent Reuters poll found 40% of White people have no friends of other races, and 25% of people of color only have friends of the same race. Pre-Post-Racial America addresses the hot topic in a way that is grounded in real people s stories and that offers solid biblical grounding for thinking about race relations in America, reminding us that God calls us to build Beloved Community.

“Sandhya Rani Jha touches our hearts with this compelling vision of the Beloved Community by probing themes of racial/ethnic identity and structural oppression through a spiritual lens. Her soulful intersections of policy analysis, personal narrative, and theological exegesis will resonate with all who seek to address privilege, profiling, and discrimination across racial and religious boundaries. By representing a new generation of freedom activists, Jha effectively challenges racism and fosters solidarity within the human family.”
—Ethan Vesely-Flad, organizing director, Fellowship of Reconciliation

“In Pre-Post-Racial America, Sandhya Rani Jha takes us on a tour of the rocky landscape of race and faith in this country. As a seasoned anti-racism teacher, community activist, and faith leader, Jha brings sensitivity and levity to these difficult but deadly important conversations. As protests grow against racist policing and a new generation declares, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ it is vital that people of faith rise to the challenge of ending racism. Jha has given us a tremendous resource to spark much needed conversations about race and religion, and much needed reflection on how each of us can live the values of our faith and be part of courageous change for a better world.”
—Chris Crass, activist and author of Towards Collective Liberation

“Sandhya Rani Jha is doing the work of intersectional justice and revolutionary love in both her personal and professional life. Through Pre-Post-Racial America, she helps us chart a course to beloved community through the complexities of ‘scary’ topics like white privilege, ‘the angry Black man,’ and immigration without minimizing the issues or diminishing truth. If you are just considering these issues, an experienced freedom fighter, or somewhere in between, you will find inspiration and practical application in these pages.”
—Micky ScottBey Jones, writer, speaker, and Transform Network Leadership Team


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