Liberating Love Devotional, May 1

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Lamentations 1:18 The Lord is in the right,

for I have rebelled against his word;

but hear, all you peoples,

  and behold my suffering;

my young women and young men

  have gone into captivity.

I call on you to be faithful, but if you are really of me, then how can your heart not break when so many of my children are harmed by sins that are not theirs? There are as many as 30 million people held in captivity, in human bondage or enslavement, in the world today. They suffer because economic conditions or violence at home pushed them there, or because farms in neighboring countries profit more with child labor, or for many other reasons related to the sins of greed and violence. Today I ask you to hold my pain with me for my beloved children in captivity today. I ask you to explore how to participate in their liberation.

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