Christmas values – day 3: peace

 I am sad about the Christmas tree in Jack London Square. I have taken my niece to see it newly lit. I have wandered the pop-up shops and wished I could afford to shop at them. I have basked in the joy of Christmas that I’m lucky enough to experience because my family is wholeContinue reading “Christmas values – day 3: peace”

Christmas values — day 2: joy

I woke up this morning feeling sorry for homophobes. If you know me, you might be surprised by this reaction, because I don’t tend to suffer intolerance. And at some point in my young life I realized that God doesn’t screw up people, so if God made people gay, I probably shouldn’t keep telling GodContinue reading “Christmas values — day 2: joy”

The Ballad of Harry Moore

Preached at First Congregational Church of Oakland, December 14, 2014.I’ve had the story of one of our forebears on my heart recently on this Black Lives Matter Sunday. So while I was supposed to preach “People Get Ready,” my sermon this morning is actually “The Ballad of Harry Moore,” as written by Langston Hughes andContinue reading “The Ballad of Harry Moore”