Forgiving God and coming to terms with singleness…day 10

“Taking a hiatus from dating, actually.” He wasn’t my type, but he was unquestionably cute. So I was glad I had a good excuse in my back pocket when he asked if I was single this afternoon. People trying to avoid the wrong kind of attention — BEST. LINE. EVER. With the added bonus ofContinue reading “Forgiving God and coming to terms with singleness…day 10”

Faith, fast food and the paddy wagon

  photographs by Brooke Anderson: My father worries that if I ever try to go into politics, my arrest will ruin my career. “Not in Oakland,” I told him consolingly. “Ah yes,” he said; “Jerry Brown is from Oakland.” Neither of us is sure Jerry Brown’s been arrested for anything, but he remembered that IContinue reading “Faith, fast food and the paddy wagon”

The heart (not just the head) of anti-racism

I was reminded today about why I do anti-racism work. By way of background, I am in the redwoods, at an AMAZING retreat with twenty other “young” changemakers. (The age range is 20-40ish.) It has been a phenomenal week grounded in how we can support each other to strengthen our work and how we canContinue reading “The heart (not just the head) of anti-racism”

Indian Independence, a wandering Aramean and what makes up identity

“Jai Hind!” I greeted my Sikh neighbors in the elevator this morning. “Jai Hind!” the husband laughed in response. “I told my co-workers yesterday that I should get today off because it’s my July 4th!” I didn’t grow up celebrating Indian Independence. I knew when St. Andrew’s Day was when I was in Kindergarten, because myContinue reading “Indian Independence, a wandering Aramean and what makes up identity”

Homelessness, the woman on my patio and the Woman at the Well

Sermon preached at First Christian Church of Palo Alto, August 10, 2014. Text: John 4:5-15 (with references to later verses), the story of the Woman at the Well Preamble to the sermon: I am known in some circles for preaching a really up-on-your-feet, clap and shout amen kind of sermon. I think that was whyContinue reading “Homelessness, the woman on my patio and the Woman at the Well”