¡Ya basta! Fasting to end Rape on the Night Shift

I’m in my second day of a five day fast with night janitors for a cause most people don’t even realize is a cause: many immigrant women cleaning buildings across our country live in fear of sexual assault by predatory managers who know they are working alone and need to keep their jobs. It’s stuffContinue reading “¡Ya basta! Fasting to end Rape on the Night Shift”

On choices and Orlando

When I was in eighth grade, I saw a bumper sticker on a car (in Akron, Ohio) that said, “Honk if you support civil rights, religious liberty, gay rights, disability rights, women’s equality…” I turned to my mother and said, “I would honk for the rest of them, but gay rights?” My mother is reallyContinue reading “On choices and Orlando”

The case against “rent a collar:” religion and workers’ rights

Workers Prayer Lord Jesus, We offer you this day our works, Our hopes and struggles, Our joys and sorrows.   Give us and all workers of the world The grace to work as you did So that everything we do May benefit our fellowmen and Glorify GOD, our Father.   Your Kingdom come Into allContinue reading “The case against “rent a collar:” religion and workers’ rights”