Liberating Love Devotion March 13

A weekly love note from God based on scriptures from every book in the Bible, written by Sandhya.

Malachi 1:10a O that someone among you would shut the temple* doors, so that you would not kindle fire on my altar in vain!

In that ancient debate over faith versus works, my servant Malachi reminded my people that I do not want you worshipping with empty hearts, out of obligation. If your worship is not authentic, that worship is an offense to me. Malachi sent my word to my people that it would be better if they didn’t go into the temple at all, because it was all empty ritual. I know that sometimes you go to worship without wanting to be there because you hope it will bring you a lift, and that is great. My concern is with a whole community that is simply going through the motions. Today I invite you to reflect on the depth and passion of your community’s worship to me and how you might help stoke or rekindle an authentic flame in their midst.

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